3D Laser Scanning

3D scanner technology is a great ally when it comes to surveying buildings that are part of the architectural, historical and artistic heritage of a community. The point cloud laser scanning will capture in detail complex geometries of architectural elements, sculptures, valuable environments, etc. The information obtained will be a very valuable database to be able to analyse the current state of buildings of great age, without risk of damaging them. In this way we can address a conservation and maintenance plan with much more information.

The preservation of historic structures and monuments, artefacts, antiques, and archaeology is growing more quickly today.

In particular, in order to preserve their original worth, locations that have artistic or historical significance require special attention, maintenance, and documentation that is thorough and up to date on a regular basis.

A laser scanner like the Faro offers a remarkably simple and practical means to precisely survey, record, and disseminate the spatial information of historic places via various media, like the Internet.


  • Rapid and accurate virtual copy generation, meticulous information and 3D documentation, and at-your-fingertips complex structural 3D imaging and modelling
  • Representation of actual 3-D digital designs of cultural heritage when they are out of date.
  • Show-case, record and restoration of scared sculpture, intricate carvings in caves or in ancient temples.
  • 3D Documentation of a ‘Vanishing’ Civilization
  • Site Survey, assessments of cultural assets and preserves historical artefacts
  • It Aids in preserving a piece of Indian culture
  • Ancient City can be Preserved in Digital Scans
  • Cave exploration and documentation