Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering services

3D scanning services are ideal for reverse engineering applications for in the development of CAD model & Manufacturing Drawing of critical parts in Automotive, Consumer Goods, Power Generation, Cement, Heavy Engineering, Aerospace Industries. Our Reverse engineering services are used into Casting & Forging, Mould & Die, Metal Fabrication, etc.


  • Product, part or component design using reverse engineering technique even if the lack of having prior plans and CAD data.
  • Reverse engineering allows users to quickly digitize a part or object and create a fully surfaced CAD model which can then be used to reproduce an item.
  • We can use reverse engineering in maintenance, i.e. If OE part gets damages and import of new part is costly than we can do RE and get it manufactured or 3D Printer with low cost.

Reverse Engineering Applications

Broaden Your Design Capabilities

Utilise real-world models as the foundation of your design approach. We can 3D scan your object and provide editable, feature-based CAD models for you to use in your existing engineering design workflow.

Leverage Existing Assets

To simply develop drawings and production designs, 3D scanning your existing components and convert them into editable CAD data is the best way to digitized existing assets.

Recreate Complex Geometries

Precisely recreate complex geometries that cannot be measured any other way.

Accelerate Time to Market

Reduce the time it takes to take a concept from initial design to final product. We can scan prototypes, existing parts, tooling or other objects so you can create designs more quickly and easily than creating CAD models from scratch.

Enhance Your CAD Workflow

Adding 3D scanning into your regular design process allows you to do more and work faster. Tempus can provide CAD files compatible with SolidWorks, Siemens NX, SolidEdge, Autodesk Inventor, PTC Creo, Pro/ENGINEER, and more.